Based on CNC Milling

Depictions of the axis on CNC milling
1. Coordinates 3 – axis  in graphic
2. Coordinates 3 – axis in machine 

Field Operations

There are three kinds of operations on CNC milling :
– Field operations X – Y- Field operations X – Z- Field operations Y – Z 

References Point

  • MRZ : Machine Reference Zero
  • PRZ  : Part Reference Zero

To determine a reference point on the workpiece, there should be at the top left corner of the workpiece, the advantage is that all the positive points, the angle of the workpiece is more easily determined and the value of the negative Z axis is below the surface.

Absolute Coordinates
absolute coordinates are the coordinates are used as point zero, to the point of reference, which means every point of the quadrant system can be ascertained by measuring from point to point 0 (ZERO).

By using absolute coordinates will always be reminded that all coordinates refer to the zero point or from X0 Y0 Z0.

Incremental Coordinates

Incremental Coordinates is the last position as a reference point for all movement to the next position so each of the points in the quadrant system can be ascertained by measuring the distance between the points, keep in mind is the incremental coordinate distance between point to point.
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